My First Conjecture on The Difference Between Humans and Other Species in Animalia Kingdom

It is metacognition. It is beyond consciousness, beyond the recognition of the "self", and beyond free wills. I don't say that it always appears on humans as individuals, but it is there: it is either activated or dormant.

Putting Islamic Perspective Into Philosophical Topics


I have heard it so many times from people that learning philosophy and science will be dangerous for our faith. They told me that some Islam women started to take off their scarves after going to philosophic class. I even heard a professor said that his students would lose their faith in free will after learning from his class. I don't know about others or whether those cases really had a correlation to a faith erosion, but for me, the more I learned about those things, the more I feel the greatness of God and the more I feel that everything is made with a great balance. I don't think that those concepts contradict to Islamic teachings, particularly about essentialism and existentialism.