Allow Me to be Frank

Allow me to be frank

And secure me safely and soundly


Tell me that you like my skin color

And all the blemishes that I have are fine

And my breast size is fine

And I am completely fine


Tell me that you like me like this

And will like seeing me aging, the normal thing you can accept


Allow me to feel content

Allow me to be clean

And let me like my own self


Because how you look at me contently allowing me to be frank


The Exceptions



You go through life and stop at several places to find some dots marking the places. And you are surprised that the dots make the patterns you have always denied; it betrays you. And you are very disappointed. But you maintain on exploring them and find again that there are actually exceptions that you can get by suffering. In the end, you get the idea that suffering is not always a bad thing to chose. It leads to the beautiful exceptions.


Putting Life Into Perspective



There is a common question from people towards me: why do you always laugh? A friend of mine even asked me whether actually I am depressed because usually someone who laughs so much has a depression inside. No, I am not (I have studied about depression for quite sometimes from maybe 2016 to 2017 and concluded that I am not depressed). Several days ago, I also took an online psychological test and found that based on the analysis I am emotionally stable. After several museebahs that came after me, of course that leads into the question. However, I think I know the answer.


Dare to Say Goodbye



It is difficult, but it can be done...


I have tried it. My strategy was leaving the bad music and listening to the positive only. I failed, because often the positive musics make me remember the other musics or YouTube suggests me those not really positive musics. I gotta make another plan.


Not Love, But Deception



"He who loves you forbids you from committing sin." ~Ali bin Abu Thalib

We are sometimes blinded by the idea of false love. If someone consciously has iman in his/her heart and understands that there is a punishment here in the world or hereafter, how could he/she ask you to do some sins for the sake of love? Does what he/she mean by loving is pushing you to the hell and punishment? If so, that is a filthy definition of love. For me, it does not sound like love. It sounds more like a deception.


The Kaleidoscope


Now, this site has been upgraded. That would require a lot of effort to back up the previous stories because it were hundreds of stories there. So, let me just keep those stories offline in my computer and being the part of my secret-self, the other part of me.

I guess it has been more than a year since the last time I wrote a blog post before the previous one. So many things happened and I learned a lot, al-hamdu lillah. I have been into university again to pursue my master degree. I moved to another division in my office. I went to Tokyo, Melbourne, and Bangkok. I got a chance to share our experience in our office with friends from Bangladesh. And I... I almost got married. 


Hold On Just A Little More



When I was just a teenager, I have been in a suicidal thought. I ran to a bank of the fields bringing scissors. I was about to cut my vein. I still remember, it was a rainy day in the afternoon. You know what makes it funny? What makes it funny is that I don't remember the reason why I really wanted to do that stupid thing. If the problem was really-really big, how do I forget it?