Putting Life Into Perspective

Putting Life Into Perspective



There is a common question from people towards me: why do you always laugh? A friend of mine even asked me whether actually I am depressed because usually someone who laughs so much has a depression inside. No, I am not (I have studied about depression for quite sometimes from maybe 2016 to 2017 and concluded that I am not depressed). Several days ago, I also took an online psychological test and found that based on the analysis I am emotionally stable. After several museebahs that came after me, of course that leads into the question. However, I think I know the answer.

Maybe one of the most interesting knowledges I ever got in 2017 is about the word "museebah." It is interesting because in Arab, the word was used to name an arrow hitting its mark/target. It means that it is something meant to be and cannot be avoided. It is a predestination. It has been written 50.000 years before the creation of the heaven and earth by the pen (Al Qolam).

The second thing is that maybe I often do some comparison about what have happened to me with other greater museebahs and how they still can hold theirselves in sabr (patience). If I look into my mother's life history, maaaan, when she was in about the same age with me she already struggled with a higher degree of life burdens. She had got through miscarriage and then have her little daughter that understood too much about crying because of little things (that was me) and in the same time her husband nearly passed away because of a motorcycle accident. The worse case was that they still lived under the same roof with my father parent's house and were still poor. My mother had no enough money for the surgery and other medications. She went to her husband's sister, but they did not give her money to borrow (later however other people alhamdulillah lent her some money). In a very young age too (about since her 21) she should already perform the task as the head of Dharma Wanita organisation of my village since my father was the youngest head of a village in Indonesia. Wasn't that a really big burden? And my Mother is still in goodness now. That's only one comparison and I can still do other comparison like the lives of our brothers/sisters in Palestine, Rohingya, Venezuale etc or what had been experienced through our Prophet's lives. Mine are so zero.

Third, regarding the first point, a museebah does not mean something bad though, because it is from Alloh who is The Wisest, everything is with purpose. Who knows that although it appears so bad at the moment, it will turn into something beautiful? Treaty of Hudaibiyah, for example, if we just read directly to the content of it, it seems that it was so unfair for the Muslim Society at the moment, but in the end it turned helping them getting a victory. Who knows that in another point of view, it is actually a way of God to help us avoiding bad things that would happen? Who knows that maybe it is a way of God to clean or heart or erase our sins? Basically, many things appear differently after some scaling, whether it is about a window of time or about some other different perspectives. 

The next thing is that I have a very good weapon for the difficult times (difficult to bear, not impossible to bear). When Musa AS ran from Egypt because he unintentionally killed someone, He reached a place near a lake to take a rest. He thanked Alloh for the goodness he got and prayed, "My Lord! I am truly in need of whatever good that You bestow on me!" Somehow, by the decree of Alloh, that always helps me. It is one way of the submission and give it to Alloh about what He will give me because really He knows at best what is good for me.

The last point I want to share is that: with so many silver linings I got from the museebahs to thank for, why should I think of them as bad things?

In my opinion, actually I am not that really good on facing problems. There were some time I found myself crying or angry. However, several points I have described above actually really help on my daily life and I am really thankful for that. I am so blessed.


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