Dare to Say Goodbye

Dare to Say Goodbye



It is difficult, but it can be done...


I have tried it. My strategy was leaving the bad music and listening to the positive only. I failed, because often the positive musics make me remember the other musics or YouTube suggests me those not really positive musics. I gotta make another plan.


Actually, in Islam there are different tafsirs about musics. One classifies those as haraam, halal for the other, and in-between. Each has their own laws. However, after some khutbahs and I myself have had some brutally researches, I conclude that I better leave them. Many of them are about sex or giving women a point of view as objects. Many of them use inappropriate words. Many of them are about complaints and helplessness. I know I can just say that those are just songs, but I am afraid of repetitions. Humans are just persuaded beings, really. They go to my ears flowing through my nerves and reaching my brain. What happen if they conquer my soul further? My soul is the most important asset that I have, I do not want to destroy it :(


So, bismillah, from this day forward, I am going to leave them, cold turkey. Even though they are seducing, I know they are deceiving. I am leaving. 


BTW, I have left gopay for quite sometimes by now because I think it is part of the ribaa. 


May Allah always guides me and gives me the strength to do what I need to do and to leave what I need to leave.


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