The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope



Now, this site has been upgraded. That would require a lot of effort to back up the previous stories because it were hundreds of stories there. So, let me just keep those stories offline in my computer and being the part of my secret-self, the other part of me.

I guess it has been more than a year since the last time I wrote a blog post before the previous one. So many things happened and I learned a lot, al-hamdu lillah. I have been into university again to pursue my master degree. I moved to another division in my office. I went to Tokyo, Melbourne, and Bangkok. I got a chance to share our experience in our office with friends from Bangladesh. And I... I almost got married. 

About going to university first. I go there because I really could not wait for 4 years for the scholarship. I was in a division where almost of the people there having at least a master degree. I just felt like a frog inside of a coconut shell because I did not really understand what they were saying :))) I felt so inferior. I go to a university that is rather famous on their reputation for their computer-related subjects. Actually, that was a mental shock because for the first time again I have to pay for my education and it is costly. It was a mental shock because from my elementary school until my undergraduate degree, I always get some scholarships. I also found that the people are rather different than my previous fellas. When my previous fellas in my college were the intelligent people who really loved to study and played with maths, these my new friends are the creative people who know a lot about business (the two kinds of friends are all wonderful!). In this master degree, I found it rather difficult to maintain my schedule because I have to work in the day time, have some on-job travels, and have some research for the job outside the office hours, and I have to go to the university at nights to study plus a crazy amount of assignments. It is so exhausting, but it is really-really fun. Anyway, I am working on my graduate thesis at the moment.

Last year, after I moved from one building to another (in the same division), finally I had to move again not too long to another building for a new division. I was really sad that I hafta leave these very smart and very unch-unch buddies.









I was so blessed to ever known about them because not only they have vary intelligent and beautiful mind, they are also funny and have some strong sense of not-in-the-same-blood kinship. However, in the new division I also feel blessed because they are very intelligent too. I am learning so much about statistical methodologies. I am also still learning about IT stuffs here because, beside I'm studying about management in information system in campus, I am actually working for the IT transformation for a particular subject. I design an integrated system also I research and code for the best practices. I really love this job.

The last one year, I went to Tokyo and Bangkok to present about our researches. I was very glad that three of my bosses congratulated me for that :))), but I am really glad because I can contribute something to this world, al-hamdu lillah. I don't wanna live my life in vain :)))





Do you notice something? Yes, I wore the same scarf for those two events :))) I don't have so many clothes, but that's enough and in fact easier to maintain, al-hamdu lillah. And, ahem... actually, that green flowery scarf was not actually a scarf. It was a wasted material that had been in drawer for a long time. I wore that once and then my mom transform that to a scarf by tidying up the casting. So, it was a recycle cloth :) 

Oh wait, I also got a good picture when we were having a welcoming party in Tokyo.


In May this year, for the second time I flew to Aussie. This time, I went to Melbourne and Geelong and learned some office stuffs. I was the youngest delegation there and somewhat I gave some youngster-tasted style to my bosses :))) 






Oh.. we also met our close friend from Canberra that has flew several times to Jakarta to teach us many things.



Earlier this year, we are also grateful that some friends from Bangladesh came to Jakarta to learn from us about our project. 

My electrocardiogram is dancing. My life line is not only about the ups. Actually, I met a guy in my campus. He is a lovely man, a fast learner, and loves to help people. I was so grateful. He also has some experiences in another world that made me learn a lot about social life and other things I never knew before. He never calls me weird nor complains me when I was jumping from a bench to another :)))) He was my best friend for a moment :) However, we could not make it to the wedding because of a principal reason, it is better that we are not together.

I am so lucky, I am so blessed for every lessons that I have learned.