About Me

About Me


Hello! My name is Nefriana :)

I define myself as a computer scientist, a researcher, and a business process designer. For me, knowledge transfer from one field to others and vice versa is really fun. That is the reason why I also dive into behavioral science, philosophy, etc besides nurturing my interest in machine learning, statistics, math and other areas that are very related to computer science. Another fun part of my journey is to research things. I like the feelings that I get from discovering things, the moment of enlightenment. As a Business Process Re-engineering team member in a National Statistical Office in my country, I attempt to implement what I know and what I discovered to design new business processes for producing statistics. I am really grateful for this position because it makes me always learn about things. Also, jumping between IT and business is actually fun!

In the future, I aspire to become a farmer while, of course, mainly do researches. I really like nature and serenity, so when I grow up older I want to live off the grid and have a family there. This time, I am still preparing this by learning about permaculture, homesteading, and designing a house that fits into a countryside concept.

Oh yeah, further, I also have this quirk dream of going to Space. Ipso facto, I do not think that it is really quirking because it is getting more and more feasible now after learning about the fast development of the SpaceX. It tends to go with Moore's law. I believe that my home Earth is very beautiful and I want to see it from afar. Besides, Mars looks very sexy too.

I realize that knowledge will be more valuable if it is shared, as it taught by my religion. That is why I try to share what I know through social media and this blog. If you want to have some discussions with me, please feel free. You can also email me via ana@nefri.web.id. Finally, for more information about me, you can go to my LinkedIn page.

Nice to meet you :)