My Suggestion for The Climate Change: Consume Less and Die Happily

My Suggestion for The Climate Change: Consume Less and Die Happily


Climate change has been a big issue since when I was younger. However, the peak of the people's reaction to the issue has appeared this year since a couple of months ago. Greta Thunberg, a sixteen years old girl from Sweden, has marched to all over the world, even in the United Nations Head Quarter Office in New York, to make people aware and panic about climate change. Soon, her moving speech about how her generation will suffer because of this phenomenon if it is not stopped has inspired a massive number of people, old and young, to do the same activism that she does on streets. In Indonesia, the same energy has also arisen. University students from many cities made some protests to their government related to climate change at the same time protesting about the new drafts for some important legislation changes, implying that they are the same urgent agendas to be solved. This happened particularly after the big fire that destroyed Indonesian forests lately. Despite this indignance, a good friend of mine turns out having a different opinion. He said that we are doomed anyway remembering a physics theory that the Universe tends to maximize entropies. I know that theory and I perfectly understand that we cannot avoid that: we will be eaten by a black hole, collapsed to a big asteroid, unable to get any more energy because all of the stars will die, or many other possibilities. Nonetheless, I guess I would prefer to die in a beautiful and clean place in a healthy condition rather than to die after being sick for years because of inhaling too much air pollutions. When we are going to be in chaos no matter what, we can, I believe, slow down that progress by consuming things less. I will explain this idea in three examples.

The first example is related to the case when we want to eat things. Some of us want to take the food home sometimes instead of eating them in the restaurants. Of course, by taking food home, we need something to wrap them. Most of the time, in Indonesia specifically, it will be plastic bags or styrofoam that are dangerous for our beloved Earth because they will take a long time to decompose themselves. Some friends suggest to bring our Tupperware or eat the food in the restaurant instead. However, we might forget that to clean the Tupperware or our dish we need water. This is also not good because our clean water reserves are limited. Even in some places, they have run out of clean water. My solution is to eat less. It does not mean that we have to be starving all the time and doing diet all the time. We, instead, need to be conscious of the number of foods that we need and eat. This is because we, including myself, often buy foods more than what we need and we need to stop that. The less we buy foods, I hope the less our need for plastic bags and clean water.

Next, I will talk about plastic straws vs nickel straws. Because of the threat that the plastics caused to our oceans, some people advocate the use of nickel straws that is not disposable and can be used many times. However again, some sources said that they are not that eco-friendly either. This is because of the production of metal straws that canĀ contribute to billions of pounds of toxic waste to mine the metal, the number of marine litter from international shipping, and million tonnes of waste from packaging. So, how should we drink our drink? Just drink, guys. Just drink. Use your common sense that we do not need straws to drink.

Finally, the last example is about using alternative energy to cook. In Indonesia, we usually use kerosene, gas, firewood or other things that are not sustainable. As an alternative, electric stoves can be the solution, but it is not the case. This is because electric stoves can produce more carbon emissions to create the same heat rather than the gas stove. Once again, consume less. Cook only food that you are going to eat, not the food that is going to rest in your trash (this advice is strong for me too).

In conclusion, I am on the same side with those who go against climate change. My suggestion is to do fewer consumptions in our daily lives. This can be in terms of only buying and cooking foods that we know we will eat rather than having them excessively and to drink our drink without straws. If you have some other opinions or corrections to the things that I mentioned, please feel free. Thank you for reading this article.

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