Do People Around Me Tend to be Tournament or Pair-Bonding Species? :))

Do People Around Me Tend to be Tournament or Pair-Bonding Species? :))

tournamet species

It began from my curiosity about the genetic algorithm that I decided to learn more about biology. After that decision, it's like that every day comes with new dissonances. Knowing that animal behaviors are readable was actually hard enough for me, till knowing a kind of species that are called Tournament species. As a fairy-tale believer and infused-with-romanticism species since when I was just a kid, it was the hardest LoL. Did reality just ruin my life? Okay, if humans are in-between these two categories, somewhere between tournament species and pair-bonding species, at least what about in my social circle? What is the probability of me getting the pair-bonding-tended man? This maybe sound cringy, but I really did a small research to find out the answer.

So, based on behavioral science, animals can generally be categorized into two categories. The two categories are the Tournament Species and Pair-Bonding Species. Male species in the tournament species category usually fight with each other to get female species. Well, the male species in the tournament species usually have many females. They do polygamy and have many children from the females they have. Now, the good thing for male species in this type is that they don't have to look after their children. So, those who are in charge of keeping their children are females.

* A silent moment to share in the sadness of this type of females. *

In this type of tournament species, females usually decide to choose males based on genetic goodness from males. The hope is that females can have children who are of good genetic quality. Whereas men are indifferent. If they get a female offer, they will take the offer, as many as possible.

In the second category, we have Pair-Bonding species. Unlike tournament species, males in this type prefer monogamy. This is because males and females have a more balanced role in caring for their offsprings. In the case of choosing a partner, females choose those who have more skills for parenting. 

Then I made a poll several days ago on Instagram to find out some prominent characteristics in the culture of my social circle. Of course, the results of the poll cannot be used to draw conclusions, because it was not done by statistical methods, but at least I can see the result descriptively. After all, I was doubtful about the answer to the question of polygamy LoL. The problem was that someone said that he chose the idea of monogamy so he looked like a good man. Plus, I only asked two of the many characteristics. In addition, the results of these answers were merely perceptions of the object of study. Based on Mr. Robert Sapolsky, many things from the behaviors of living things occur unconsciously. For example, about why we do the marriage actually just because we want to keep our genes from becoming extinct, not because of love. There is no such thing as love from this point of view. Even when we love our brother, it is not love, but a biological urge so that he can pass on the same genes to his offsprings so that the same genes with us are not becoming extinct.

So, without further ado, please welcome the result of my polling. Please be aware that there was a male who answered the "for female only" question and vice versa.

1. The question was for females only. In choosing a partner, which of these two factors do you think is more important? A. Those who have a good potency of parenting skills; B. Those who have a potency to inherit good quality genes. For this question, 63% chose A and 37% for B.

2. The question was for males only. If you get the chance to do polygamy and all prospective wives are OK with that, then which one will you choose from these two choices? A. Marry all of them; B. Choose the best one. For this question, 28% choose A and the rest of them (72%) choose B.

PS. Unfortunately, I did not write down the number of people who participated in this polling and I couldn't find it now.

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