My First Conjecture on The Difference Between Humans and Other Species in Animalia Kingdom

It is metacognition. It is beyond consciousness, beyond the recognition of the "self", and beyond free wills. I don't say that it always appears on humans as individuals, but it is there: it is either activated or dormant.

My Current Observation on Humans' Cooperation Behavior

I know that when you have some people gathering and you have a some leaders among them, you can make them cooperate by indicating that the leaders will be punished if some tasks are not accomplished in that group. In a game theory, you can also make people cooperate by telling them that it is not a one-time game between them, it will be recurrent. However, just a week ago I found a bizarre phenomenon about a creation of a pseudo kinship, and I am part of it. The thing is that, the prospect of the game is not really clear, yet we cooperate and still last until now. There's no clear punishments whatsoever made by the committee of the event given to threat the leaders. I'm still wondering the causes underlying this cooperation. It is now one of my missions :))

Why There Is No Research on Emotion Detection with Olfactory-System-Inspired Technique


I remember when I watched Mr. Sapolsky's lecture on the limbic system a month ago. It was so fascinating to know that the understanding of the limbic system was preceded by the understanding of olfactory bulb in rats. He then said that "....not an emotion on earth that's not intertwined with olfaction". Reading many papers and book in the area of affective computing made me overconfident that I might be the groundbreaker person that came out with the idea of automatic emotion detection that would take smell as a feature. This is because not a single research that I have read has taken into account the smells to predict emotions. Most of them talk about facial appearance changes that can imply emotions or about natural language, either they are written or spoken. However, lately, I realized that I might not be the first one that invented this idea. I, in the other hand, started to think that maybe it is not that none has the same idea; maybe it is just because the tools the research will depend on has not been fully developed yet.