My Suggestion for The Climate Change: Consume Less and Die Happily


Climate change has been a big issue since when I was younger. However, the peak of the people's reaction to the issue has appeared this year since a couple of months ago. Greta Thunberg, a sixteen years old girl from Sweden, has marched to all over the world, even in the United Nations Head Quarter Office in New York, to make people aware and panic about climate change. Soon, her moving speech about how her generation will suffer because of this phenomenon if it is not stopped has inspired a massive number of people, old and young, to do the same activism that she does on streets. In Indonesia, the same energy has also arisen. University students from many cities made some protests to their government related to climate change at the same time protesting about the new drafts for some important legislation changes, implying that they are the same urgent agendas to be solved. This happened particularly after the big fire that destroyed Indonesian forests lately. Despite this indignance, a good friend of mine turns out having a different opinion. He said that we are doomed anyway remembering a physics theory that the Universe tends to maximize entropies. I know that theory and I perfectly understand that we cannot avoid that: we will be eaten by a black hole, collapsed to a big asteroid, unable to get any more energy because all of the stars will die, or many other possibilities. Nonetheless, I guess I would prefer to die in a beautiful and clean place in a healthy condition rather than to die after being sick for years because of inhaling too much air pollutions. When we are going to be in chaos no matter what, we can, I believe, slow down that progress by consuming things less. I will explain this idea in three examples.


Why We should Wait for Marriage to Have Sex (Backed by Science)


Westerners and Easterners have different perceptions on how to deal with sex urges, particularly about having sexual intercourse before marriage. Westerners generally accept the culture of sex before marriage, in dating or even hook-ups. Even though some Easterners are OK with that, the discussions about this remains taboo and unacceptable. I am lucky to several time have some real discussions with several Westerners about this culture. When I was asked about why I should hold on, even without the absence of the desire to do so, I replied that I'm not allowed, the religion reason. However, I can still see the big question on their minds, moreover when they do not embrace the same principles that have been planted to the Easterners heads since we were just kids. When we have different roots, it's difficult to share the understandings. Recently, somehow I got the answers incidentally when I learned about humans behaviors, and I would like to share you about this. As a disclaimer, this article does not mean to judge your choices of life, some dimensions and circumstances work differently between people and I understand that.


How a Smart Manizer Should Play Their Game on WhatsApp (Based on The Game Theory) and The Cost of Doing It


Should a womanizer or a manizer save their victims' phone numbers to win the cheating game? At how much cost they should pay?


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