Meskipun aku harus berbincang janji dengan batin, memupuk rindu hingga ke permukaan, kelak aku akan memanggilmu dengan nyaman. Jadi, aku akan bersabar.


*Tanggal asli post ini missing

Please Stay


If I really lost him, the best friend I've ever known, how sad I'm gonna feel. ~Pooh


Cant we just forget it? I've changed. Come and take a sit with me. I'm alone.

Pic by Dorothei, "Under Red Trees"

Cos You And Me


It's her, who always talking about wedding and future husband, everyday, all the night, on text messages, on instant messages, on real life...that topic again, and again, and then again. She is so boring....And after all of those things, still I love her....

And it's me, who always talking about Harry Styles, Louis and Eleanor, Baby Lux, Zayn that refused to drink, the dancer Peazer, and other many things about 1D. It's also me, who always take serious things as jokes and takes jokes as serious things. She's fed up...And after all of those things, still She loves me....

Love is that easy....






PS. We have the best friendship in the world, but WE ARE TOTALLY NORMAL.

I Love You Too


We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.


Eleanor Rosevelt (not Eleanor Calder, being serious now) is one of my favorite figures who has lot of good words. It's been a long time I realize the meaning of quote I write above but still had not had any idea how to solve it because I am kind of selfish person. So, yesterday I made a resolution to love everyone; till the end of my life if there is someone says that he/she loves me I'll say that I love them too, whoever they are. And as an addition, I'll try to say "I Love You" at any given time or place. Ah, just like the lyric of "Flying Without Wings".


And....I would like to thank Hary Styles too for being one of my inspiration about this. Thank you, Dear...

Earth Hour to Az-zahra

It's been a while, almost a month....

So, here are my crazy adventures during a month.

First, I had ever told my friend that after passing comprehensive test I would go to a camp. I did it on Earth Hour day on the roof of my friend's dormitory. We were sick! We got a candle light tea and snack party there and stared to the dark sky above. And we were lucky cos we had chance to see fireworks on the horizon. About two hours we talked about our future and what will be happen if we being apart in the future. It's pretty mellow indeed. So here is the pic.

*missing pic


The Sunday morning, after the camping night, as usual I went to a pencak silat, kind of martial art from Indonesia, rehearsal. I felt like having no much energy that day because I only slept about two hours on our camping night because of the crazy mosquitos. After the rehearsal, me and my friends from my pencak silat school got to a cinema (that was the first time for me going to cinema) to watch The Raid movie as our planning. We made that plan because beside two of our teachers being actors of that movie and one of the primary actors is from our school too, also the story is about our beloved pencak silat! Here's the pic

*missing pic


Next, a week after it I experienced a big experience of my life. I was expelled from my class by my Software Engineering teacher because of being late. I couldnt scan my finger for attendance. I begged for a class without scanning my finger but not admited. I promised to not do the same mistake but not admited. I bargained for another kind of punishment but still not admited. Well, I lost and got out of the class trying to listen to the lesson so hard outside the class. Wait, dont judge me quickly. I became late because of a reason. I had made a promise to cook onigiri rice to my classmates on that day and unfortunately it took alot of time so I came late. Actually I am proud of my self because I struggled to get the lesson, I am proud of my curiousity to the lesson and not being so easy giving up. Nope, I am not that kind of person :). And actually, I am proud of that my teacher too. Somehow, I am amazed at Mr. Anang. He is kind of unwavering person in his commitment from the beginning. About what happened to me, it was he supposed to do. I'd actually like to say this, but I didnt. I have not only learned about Software Engineering in his class, but also lesson about how important time management is. That was my turning point. So, thank you, Mr. Yunarso Anang. :)

And not too longer I went for a lunch with my liqo (Quran study group) friends. Because the restaurant havent been opened as we already there, we decided to go for a walk around. It was fun doing photo session in security post of Tebet and doing murojaah (memorizing the holy Quran) together. We are truly family, Az-zahra! :)






Handy Manny in My Village are you? I like asking this..

Okay, first and not foremost (with the meaning of foremost you can feel in this context), before we go to the Handy Manny, I'd like to tell you what happened to me. I experienced what people say bad luck things. My internet connection was poor recently, even after I moved to other provider that sound prospective that time (the stream successfully drowned me). Yesterday, on my way to a Quran study, I got lost because I got no cue nor a feeling that would tell me where I was. And after the class, guess what? My friends forgot waiting me to back home together. That's not the climax actually because at noon after taking a nap (weekend, but napping is an expensive thing when I have burden of works to do on my research and household works) I was very hungry and I had not cooked rice yet. So I did it. About 30 minutes later, with the plate on my hand, I opened the rice cooker and realized that I had not added any water to it! How pity I was, I had to recook it. Mamma.....That's again not the climax. Last night after midnight I found Harry Styles' pic with his ex. I was not jealous of her, but I felt so sad because wondering how come that romantic look relationship finally was over. That is tough. I was probably not only sad but also angry a bit. I grumbled after those things happened to me again and again.

The point of what I learned then, according what I've told you in the previous paragraph, is then I realized that grumbling is not a good thing. Why didnt I laugh at myself instead? Those're good funny things to laugh at. Maaan, those are funny things! We can drive our feeling.

Anyway, this is about Handy Manny in My Village. Yeasss!!!



Handy Manny in My Village. This sentence has ambiguity because it's vague: who's in the village? Manny? How come he's in my village? Well, this tittle means that I watched Handy Manny TV programme in my village on a semester holidays. Hahah. Holidays are holidays so I decided to enjoy the morning with my brother to do things we did on our chillhood.

Oh wait wait...Lemme enjoy this version of "Fireworks" the radio 1... was a rare chance. I just listened to another version of that Katy Perry sings... I dont know what kind of genre it is, but sounds good...Yolo!

Back...where have we gone? I saw something good at this programme, I learned about:

1. doing improvisation on our work
2. being not panic whenever we get unfavorable conditions
3. doing something with love
4. not being arrogant

ah wait...."Drunk" by Ed Sheeran on radio 1...

Sorry for so many disturbances, heheh..but he's one of my favorite singers...

Continue it...

5. enjoying beauty, good beauty

That's all about Handy Manny :D...I just wanna tell you what I've learned from that TV programme...

Anyway again, today is my brother's birthday! So I wanna say


I'm missing doing ground fighting with you, and another things we've done together....Be good right there. I love you. A lot!

And now I'm wearing T-shirt given by you :)

Without structured formally ending,

Bye! Have fun everyone!



So here I am installing wine for my 11.10 version of ubuntu (finally I have the newest version) so I can use Ms office (I havent moved on yet, libre still looks strange) and, how pathetic I am, twitter is still a big temptation. I am doing multitasking, I am one by one staring at one direction's photos, member by member. Ah, maybe I can't blame on twitter as always, but one direction's enchantment that seduces me. I used to stalk at their timelines everyday, more than once a day, just like a maniac, how busy I am, how narrow my space, how limited my time. They just made a fatal effect on me.



Anyway about one direction, I fancy Liam so much. He is my other new inspiration. He is the unsinkable one and never give up, untill now he's being "someone". Thumb up for you, Liam. Another members are cute...I love them too. I am sick, help!

Okey wait...I am having installation problem this line.....

Wine has been installed, but not yet on office..gotta get some help

Okay, back...

Talking about music, I just realised that most of my favorite singers are from UK/Ireland, such as westlife, the script, coldplay, james morrison, one direction, and ed sheeran. Weird, but how relief knowing what kind of music we like. Here's my favorite...

-Missing videos

And it's the last song I found incredible, classic in fact... (thanks to Louis :D)

Okay guys, that's it. I dont mind if you dislike this. I know today I am boring and now I am going to study...bye. I love you...




-Ana (Sorry, above is Harry's pic, instead of mine Lol)

ps: by 1D infection recently I speak in british accent, and it's fun, just as nice as american accent.



Ada hubungan-hubungan yang sangat berharga dalam hidupku...salah satunya adalah hubungan antara kakak dan adik.

Teruntuk engkau, satu-satunya tempatku pernah berbagi orang tua, berbagi rumah, dan berbagi “rumah".

Kau tahu?
Akhir-akhir ini aku merasa jarak kita terlampau jauh…
Bukannya ratusan kilometer yang memisahkan Jogja-Jakarta
Tetapi aku merasa kehilangan kemampuan untuk berbicara kepadamu, atau memang aku tak pernah memilikinya?

Apakah karena aku tak pernah menanyakannya?
Atau karena teman-temanmu sudah cukup bagimu?
Ataukah mungkin aku tidak pernah memulai mengajakmu berbicara?

Dek, hari ini ada perasaan yang membuncah di dadaku ini… Di ujung tenggorokan dan ujung jemari ini, ada sesuatu yang tertahan, yang tak mampu aku sampaikan, tak mampu aku tuliskan langsung kepadamu…

Aku mohon maaf, ketika berulang kali aku pernah berkata kasar kepadamu karena aku terlalu mencintaimu, tetapi mungkin itu justru membuatmu tertekan.Aku memohon maaf jika selama ini aku banyak memberikan pelajaran buruk di depan matamu. Aku paham aku salah dan sangat tak layak lulus ujian sebagai seorang kakak yang baik. Padahal, akulah satu-satunya kakak kandungmu, betapa malangnya nasibmu..
Aku merasa malu...

Namun, aku tahu persis bahwa kamu mencintaiku…
Kaulah yang memelukku erat, menangis, dan membuat surat selamat datang bersama ibu ketika menyambutku pulang paskibraka…Kaulah pula yang menangis bersama teman-temanku ketika pertama aku berangkat ke Jakarta..

Karena itu, Dek, bolehkah aku meminta sesuatu kepadamu?
Tolong jaga dirimu dan perasaan kedua orangtua kita
Karena mungkin selama ini aku belum berhasil untuk itu…
Jadi, tolong bantulah aku….


NB: Untuk apa yang baru saja terjadi, aku merasa sedang dihukum oleh Allah. Semoga Allah segera menyelesaikan hukuman ini, dan cukuplah sebagai balasan yang lunas dan setimpal atas dosa-dosa yang pernah kulakukan.

Aku mencintaimu..begitu pula Ibu dan Bapak. Mungkin mereka tak pernah mengatakannya kepadamu, tapi mereka sering sekali mengatakannya kepadaku..


-Mbak Ana

Butternut Collin's Packs

When I was just a kid, I did like to collect Butternut Collin's candy packs, day after day. Even, I made my own jingle of Butternut Collin's candy. One day, someone threw those away and I sobbed. As I grew older, I realized that happiness can be created with simplicity, just like collecting candy packs.

Ninja Husband And Studying Abroad

In the end, I am back to my blog. Yay!

Okay first, you may say that the title is somewhat weird. How come bears each other? Or you may guess that studying abroad means in Japan so it has relationship with getting Ninja Husband. No, it is not. You are totally wrong....hahahahahah. I just try to make two topics in one post at once, and try to make you confuse. Am I genius or what?



I got inspiration after watching Ninja Hinja in Youtube, watch it, you will Lol, Lmao, or other kind of laughs...

So you believe me now?

And suddenly, emerged another inspirations. It must be wonderful to have Ninja husband (or pendekar, perhaps)


1. You can save your money instead of paying for some fuel, just jump and jump over the buildings (or forest if you need to cross the forest like what Naruto and friends do)

2. He can help you on cooking, for example helping slicing the food materials.

3. You can borrow his shurikens to hang your clothes after washing it, no need to buy some hangers


4. No need to buy phone for him because he can read what are you thinking about (at the same time, it's also drawback)

5. He can save you from gangsters

6. And I am too lazy to think again so on.

Okey, jump to other topic (I deliberately use "jump" here, you know why)...

Studying abroad....I like it too, hahah. But I don't wanna continue here about ye ye ye ye. Once again I just made you confuse. At the very first I wanted to actually, but I have something to do. So see you....daaa. I love you.

With sunny heart,


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